FitRev’s February Couple of the Month – Cathy & Al McEvoy!

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Meet Fit Revolution’s February Couple of the Month, Cathy & Al McEvoy!

Cathy & Al share their go-to couples karaoke song,  favorite FR memory, and more.

First, we need a little background…

Where did you two meet?

Cape Cod at a beach party.

Was it love at first sight?  

Of course!

How long have you been married?  

25 blissful years.

It’s couples night at Karaoke.  What do you two sing?

I got you Babe by Sonny and Cher.

Al, what’s your favorite thing about Cathy?  

She is the most fun and positive person I know.

Cathy, what’s your favorite things about Al?  

He is such a genuinely nice person and up for any adventure.  

Every relationship has bloopers.  What’s your favorite funny story?

On our first date to Weylu’s in Saugus he mistook someone visiting there as the valet and tried to give his car keys to him.

Give 3 words to describe your spouse.

Cathy says about Al: Sweet, fun, avid-traveler

Al says about Cathy: Fun, super-planner, avid-traveler

What’s your song?  (We’d like to play it ALL MONTH LONG.)

Always and Forever by Heat Wave.

Thank you for making FitRev the third wheel in your marriage.  How has staying fit and active affected your marriage?  

All of our favorite activities include some type of movement – we did a Spartan Race together, we scuba dive, ski, have done many races together, went bungee jumping in Australia last year, etc.  Being fit makes life so much more enjoyable for both of us.  

What’s your favorite thing about FitRev?

Al: I love the variety of exercises in boot camp, and group exercise helps motivate me.

Cathy: I love the variety of the classes and the enthusiasm of the teachers and the 80’s tunes!

Do you have a favorite FitRev memory?

Al:  My first Tabata class ever, I was the only guy, Toni wore me out but was very welcoming and encouraging

Cathy:  When I walked in, half-awake, and Michelle told us we were the couple of the month!

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