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Meet the Instructor

Jennifer shares how her weight loss journey inspired her to become an instructor, her love for Cape Cod, & more. 

Instructor Spotlight: Jennifer Picard

Hometown: Everett, Massachusetts – Wilmington resident for 10+ years

Where and when to to find her: North Reading

-Sunday 9:00am FitRide

-Monday 6:30pm Fit Ride & Strength

-Thursday 9:00am Fit Ride & Strength

When/ how did you fall in love with fitness?
After my youngest daughter, Mallory was born.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and started challenging my body to do things I didn’t ever expect to be capable of. That very first time you feel yourself getting stronger, having more energy and having the desire to want to challenge yourself to another level is addicting.

Guilty pleasure:

Dark chocolate, coffee and netflix

Who do you look up to?

My 3 girls

Your 3 girls are so cute! What are their names and how old?

Thank you! Kailynn (8), Avery (4), Mallory (3).  I also have a husband Mark (just married 10 years this past summer) and a 13 year old male American Eskimo dog named Fenway – but the boys in this house don’t get much attention haha!

What are your hobbies outside the fitness world?

I’m an active member of the Board Of Directors for my running club, Sole Sisters so I spend a lot of time with the board planning member events, coordinating merchandise, etc.  Aside from that, my main hobby is chauffer to my 3 little dancers/gymnasts -haha.

Celebrity crush?

Luke Bryan

What were you like as a kid?

Honestly, not much different than I am today.. I was (am) pretty outgoing.  I love meeting new people and thrive off being surrounded by positive energy.  Be kind, work hard – that’s my mantra.

Favorite childhood memory:

We spent every summer in our house down the Cape (West Harwich).  I fondly remember leaving in June on the last day of school and coming home on Labor Day.  We had a whole network of friends there.  To this day, spending time there is my favorite thing to do!

Something you’re proud of:

Having the courage to leave the corporate world and start my own consultancy.  It’s been 3 years strong now and one of the best decisions I’ve made.  It’s given me the opportunity to continue to do the work that I love (HR/Talent Acquisition) and focus on spending more time with my family.  It’s also been a huge driver in my health/fitness journey. Not spending 60+ hours a week working/traveling and commuting has given me more time to focus on me.  Once I had more time, I got certified to teach, started trying new classes, trained for numerous races including the Chicago marathon and now I have the opportunity to move my body more frequently.  My most recent endeavor is learning how to swim (properly – haha).  I’m conditioning for my first triathlon this summer.

What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

Anything P!NK or Country but honestly, I love all music.  I can find 150 bpm remix of almost anything!

Something that would surprise us about you?
I ran my first marathon (Chicago) this past fall and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!

Post-workout go-to food

Banana with almond butter or vanilla greek yogurt with dark chocolate chips

What motivates you?

My 3 daughters. I want to prove to them every single day that everything is possible with dedication and hard work

What kind of music can we expect in your class?

I love music! I’m the remix queen and you can expect a mix of top 40, some throwbacks and even a little country to sneak in occasionally

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Work hard and be kind

Favorite pre-class snack?
Apple or protein bar

How did you get inspired to be an instructor?

It was part of my weight loss journey.  I loved spin and wanted to have the confidence, strength and endurance to obtain a Mad Dogg spin certification. I promised myself that after I hit my 70 lb weight loss milestone, I’d do it.  I’ve been teaching spin ever since and have obtained a few other group fitness certifications along the way.

Describe yourself in three words:

Loyal, kind, determined

First Fit Rev experience?

I came in for a spin instructor audition and from the moment I walked through the door, I knew this place was special and that it was a community I wanted to be a part of!

What is your Fit Rev Mantra?

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better today than yesterday

Want to ride with  Jenn? Book your bike here.

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