The Studio @ Fit Revolution

THE STUDIO @ Fit Revolution is your destination for the hottest, most invigorating fitness experiences around. Nestled in a cozy corner of our North Reading location, THE STUDIO is where we crank the room temperature to maximize results. By harnessing the power of heat to elevate your core body temperature, our classes supercharge your metabolism and ignite a cascade of benefits.

Here, every movement is amplified, every stretch is deeper, and every drop of sweat is a testament to your commitment. THE STUDIO is your gateway to achieving more in less time, pushing your limits, and unlocking your full potential. It’s the home for the Inferno Hot Pilates and Inferno Sculpt classes you’ve come to love, with more class options coming soon.

Are you ready for a workout like no other? Join us at THE STUDIO and get ready to sweat, stretch, and shine (literally) like never before.

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