What is Fit Revolution?

We are more than a gym. Fit Revolution is a philosophy. A way of life. A transformation of your mind, body and soul. We are the only fitness facility in our area offering premiere indoor cycling, an authentic boot camp experience on state-of-the-art turf, and the best training trends.

It’s not the finish line that matters,

it’s having the courage to start


We are a team of professional and passionate instructors who believe that everyone has the power and ability to lead strong, healthy lives.

The Fit Revolution team is lead by creator and owner Michelle O’Connor. In summer 2012, Michelle assembled her expert team with one purpose in mind: to give you unparalleled access to cutting-edge equipment and classes in a state-of-the-art training facility. She established a unique partnership at the Rams Athletic Complex and created a class schedule that rivals any Big Box Gym (not that we don’t love Big Box Gyms, they’re just not as cool as us).


P90X®. Tabata. TRX®. Spinning, Fit Cross, Body Pump, Treadmill Interval Training . We could go on, but we think you get the idea. Fit Revolution offers an amazing array of classes that will challenge everyone from the fitness novice to the triathlete. We have bumping music. We have enthusiastic coaches at the top of their game. We have killer bikes (Spinner NXT®), equipment and fitness drills. We have classes that will consistently push your body to become stronger, leaner, faster, and healthier. Best of all, no other gym allows you to have the flexibility that we offer. You can purchase class a la carte or join us for a monthly Fit Pass where all our classes are included. You have the power to choose!

“Wanting something and being commited to something are two totally different things… we all want.” 

Craig Harper

Upcoming Events


*Fit on the Run*


  • Tuesdays 6:15am & Wednesdays 5:15am


  • Fit on the Run is a running club – targeted for ALL running levels, all paces, and anyone who is interested in the sport of running! It is a proven fact that running in a group setting is more motivating and helps push you to stay on track and to help you reach your own personal running goals faster!
  • We will incorporate different types of runs – hill repeats, track speed workouts, tempo runs, interval training, fartlek training, and much more!
  • 1 X a week – TRACK workout
  • Groups will be split according to level and pace, but will always start and end together! Stretch and core work included as well as education on running!


View the flyer.

We now have baby sitting!

No More Excuses Moms & Dads! 

  • We now have Babysitting Services!! Fit Revolution is so happy to announce that we now offer on-site babysitting services.
  • Babysitting is available Monday through Friday from 9-11:30 am, $3 per child.
  • Ages 6 months and up.
  • Spread the word! Bring a friend! And remember first class is always free!!

View the flyer.

Classes & Training

Fit Revolution offers a range of classes and training for everyone, from rookies to seasoned athletes. Our phenomenal coaches will push you past what you thought was possible and inspire you to create new, challenging goals. Check out our schedule to check out our classes.

We also service multiple businesses by running their fitness centers. We provide group fitness classes and personal training on site or at our location. Contact Michelle to set up a meeting to get your employees happier and healthier.

Cardio Kick and Sculpt

Using traditional, non-contact, cardio kickboxing moves set to high-energy music, this class improves cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance, and works your entire body, including your core. Every time you kick, punch, squat or perform a conditioning drill, your core is engaged for the ultimate total body workout.


Fit Cross

Ready to get Fit with us? Fit cross workouts are designed to challenge you on every level and constantly change. Designed to challenge your muscles and your mind, we work through circuits using functional equipment, HIIT training and much more.



This method involves performing a particular exercise (or set of exercises) at high intensity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times for a total training time of 4 minutes. We adjust the timer and sets for the best possible workout.



This cardio-based, total-body conditioning program is based on the principles of MAX Interval Training. MAX Interval Training allows you to beat the “stress adaptation response,” which normally happens when your body gets used to exercising at one level of exertion. INSANITY will push you to new training heights resulting in more calories burned, faster results and a more efficient metabolism.


Fit Box and Conditioning

This high-intensity class uses cross training intervals to ignite your metabolism, burn crazy calories, improve endurance, strengthen core & build lean muscle. Members will learn different partner boxing drills and will train with gloves and mitts while incorporating lots of cardio drills & using various equipment for a complete total body workout.


Fit Row

Join our Fit Row training classes! We will incorporate our Concept 2 Rowing machines, high intensity interval training and set goals for you to challenge you to your max! Your muscles will be challenged with strength training exercises off the rowers and then you are back on ready to rock those rowers!.



We are a P90X Certified facility! We focus on Tony Horton’s evolution of muscle confusion, varying the exercises from week to week. Expect to challenge yourself and see results!


TRX® Suspension Training®

Is a total-body fitness program using gravity against your own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. While the TRX device is attached to an anchor point, you grab the handles or attach your feet in the foot cradles. You then change the angle of your body for various exercises and a truly unique workout!


Fit Core

This is not your typical Pilates class. We build off the Pilates-based exercises and work your core like never before. You will find yourself performing better in every other class you take at the gym.


Fit HIIT Ride

While following the Tabata method, this workout includes on-bike and off-bike movement. The off-bike segments include high-intensity drills and toning exercises.


Fit HIIT Kettlebell

This class is a combination class of HIIT moves followed by kettlebell and light weight intervals. Timed cardio drills will push you to the max and burn calories galore, while the wide range of kettlebell moves will tone and strengthen your muscles! Putting cardio and kettlebells together into one workout you are able to efficiently and effectively build strength, increase your endurance and tone your core!


Fit Run

This class is designed to scorch calories! The class will be broken up into two parts. You will run at various intensities for a short period of time, and then hop off the treadmill to do a series of HIIT moves using kettle bells, weights, and your own body weight! This class is designed to challenge you with short running bursts, followed by strength and plyometric moves! This class is for EVERYONE – non runners and beginner runners who maybe are looking for a challenge and also, for experienced runners looking to mix up their running routine.



Our amazing instructors guide you through an indoor cycling class with motivating music and enthusiasm. Our 1-hour or 45-minute express classes are for all ability levels, because you control the tension on your bike.



We set your child up on the bike correctly and guide them through a fun spinning ride. For 40-45 minutes, we sing, ride and laugh – we have a blast! <strong>Your child must be at least 8 years old and 50” tall.</strong>



These classes are fun yet challenging, focusing on endurance, agility, plyometrics, exercise fundamentals and flexibility. Our coaches help participants reach their full potential by combining a blend of strength and conditioning principles geared towards athletic achievement. Your child will learn how to properly execute exercises, gaining a solid exercise foundation to use their whole lives. Kids love these classes!



Your body to burn fat like never before, using HIIT training techniques on the treadmill. Intervals include weights and running or walking depending on your level. These are session based classes so reserve your spot now!


Bikini Bootcamp

This class will focus on all the areas you would be concerned about in your bathing suit! We will focus on abs, glutes and shoulders while adding cardio to get the fat burning in MOTION! If you are looking to get into your summer wardrobe this class is DEFINITELY for you!


Commitment means staying loyal to
what you said you were going to do long after
the mood you said it in has left you.

Convenient Class Cards For ALL Classes

1 Class$15

  • 1 class
  • Cost per class $15.00
  • 6 month expiration


5 Classes$70

  • 5 classes
  • Cost per class $14.00
  • 6 month expiration


10 Classes$130

  • 10 Classes
  • Cost per class $13.00
  • 6 month expiration


20 Classes$230

  • 20 classes
  • Cost per class $11.50
  • 6 month expiration


40 Classes$430

  • 40 Classes
  • Cost per class $10.75
  • 6 month expiration


Unlimited Classes$79.99*

  • Unlimited Classes
  • *Couples Special $60
  • Monthly auto-renewal


Personal Training

  • 1 session – $70
  • 3 sessions – $205
  • 6 sessions – $390
  • 12 sessions – $745


1. View Our Classes
Check out what we have to offer, and don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new!
2. Check out our schedule
Take a look at our scheduler, and decide how many you’d like to take (remember, we have an unlimited monthly pass, too!).
3. Purchase your classes
Choose between the options above and purchase a ride card. Remember your first class is FREE!
4. Reserve a bike or class!
Use our online scheduling system to reserve a class or a bike. Don’t forget to check out the rules of the waitlist in this section after you reserve your class.

Cancelation Policy

  • You must cancel at least 8 hours prior to class.
  • If you cancel after this 8 hour mark or are a no-show for the class, as a class card holder you will be charged for the class. If you are a monthly member, you will automatically be charged a $5 fee.
  • If you are on the waitlist for a class, you are required to check your email one hour prior to class to see if you have been added to the class. If you have been sent an email and added to the class, and do not attend class, you will be charged the no-show fee. (In other words, if you are not going to check email or know you are not going to attend class, please remove yourself from the waitlist 8 hours prior to class to avoid getting charged.)

In order to not receive these fees, you MUST sign-in to class prior to class or it will alert the system to charge you the no-show fee. Please arrive 5 minutes before class so if there are waitlisted members at the gym, they can be given any open spots prior to class

Discounts & Special Pricing

Contact Michelle for all specials.

  • Students – $60 unlimited or 15% off class cards
  • Couples membership – Full price for first person, $60 for spouse.
  • Teachers – 10 classes for $100
  • Corporate Discounts available

We like to keep things fair

You can reserve a bike or class spot up to one week in advance. You can cancel up to 8 hours prior to class without being charged. Walk-ins without a reservation are welcome (you will need to pay prior to class), but priority is given to those with a reservation. Please respect our start times. Your bike or class spot will be released as soon as the music starts. If you arrive later than that, your bike or spot will be released to a walk-in.

Waitlist Rules

Our online system recognizes when a class is full. If you try to reserve a spot in a class that is full, our system will ask if you’d like to be placed on the wait list. If you select “yes,” you will receive an email that a spot has opened for you. You will be automatically added to the class. If your name is on the waitlist you are responsible to see if you got into the class.

Visit our schedule for hours.


Fit Revolution
23 Concord Street
North Reading, MA 01864

(located in the back of the Rams Athletic Complex)

Contact Fit-Rev

23 Concord Street
North Reading, MA 01864
(located in the back of the Rams Athletic Complex)

At Fit-Rev we do our best to answer all your questions, and hope to hear from you!

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