Michelle O’ConnorOwner/Instructor

    I have had a true love for being active since I was a kid. Being an athlete throughout my younger years gave me the foundation and a passion for my later in life career. After College I became a CPA and focused on climbing the corporate ladder for the next 10 years. Being totally burnt out, I started to search for what my passion was and in the meantime I started getting certified in the fitness industry. I realized this was going to be my 2nd career. My chance to do something that I absolutely love! At that point with the support of my family and many great friends, came Fit Revolution. We built this amazing community from the ground up with one referral at a time.

    I have two missions in mind. One is to always Give Back; remember where you came from and be thankful you are able to support those that need you. My fitness mission has always been to teach people how to workout more efficiently and effectively. To educate people that food is fuel… and most importantly never be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone. That is where the transformation begins! We work hard and play hard and I would love for you to join me for a class or two… 🙂

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