Meet the Instructor: Erin Mary

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Meet the Instructor

FitRev Instructor Erin reveals her guilty pleasure, what inspired her to start teaching, & more. 

Instructor Spotlight: Erin McDonald “Erin Mary”

Hometown: Greenfield

Where & when to find her: Lynnfield

  • Tue – 5:15am Fit Beat/ 6:15am Fit Tread
  • Wednesday – 6:30pm Fit Beat
  • Friday – 5:15am Fit Beat/ 6:15am Fit Tread
  • Saturday – 6:00am Fit Beat

Favorite genre to play in class? 

90’s- Love throwbacks and pretty much every class I have at least one on my playlist.

Guilty pleasure? 

Candy and chocolate chip cookies.  I love love love chocolate and could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also reality t.v. Just can’t get enough of those housewives.

Something that would surprise us about you? 
I was in a fitness DVD and infomercial in 2012! (Where is the monkey emoji covering his face-ha ha)

How did you get inspired to be an instructor?

In 2005 I started taking kick boxing classes at a local gym, after moving up to the front row of class I realized I wanted to be the one leading it. Shortly after that I got certified and have been teaching ever since. I grew up playing sports and played organized sports in college. I missed the comradery of the “team” feeling and being in a group ex class gave me that feeling back.

Go-to Fit Rev class (other than yours, of course!)

Fit Cross and Fit Strength. There are so many other classes at Fit Rev I have yet to take which I am sure will be added to this list very soon.

Want to sweat with Erin? Book your bike or tread here.

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