FitRev’s May Members of the Month – Catherine & Olivia Hill!

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Meet Fit Revolution’s May Members of the Month, Catherine & Olivia Hill!

Our first Mother-Daughter combo, ever!

FitRev is so excited to honor these two amazing women this month! Catherine, you are a true role model and awesome Mom. We are so happy your love for FitRev has brought Olivia in the door! You both are so strong and always up for anything we throw at you.

Catherine, and all of us at FitRev, would like to congratulate Olivia with her very successful weight loss journey. Olivia’s before and after photo is truly an inspiration to all of us. Olivia has made such a huge difference in her life from nutrition to her workouts at FitRev. Her smiling face keeps us all going through those grueling workouts!

“Push yourself because no one else will do it for you.” – Olivia 

 This is one strong Mother-Daughter team, we love you!

Need more of this amazing Mother-Daughter combo? Keep reading for their FitRev Q&A below!

Olivia, which 3 words best describe your mom:

Caring, honest, & funny

Catherine, which 3 words best describe Olivia:

Determined, bright & stubborn

Olivia, what’s your favorite childhood memory of your mom?

When we would all go up to Lake Winnipesaukee for two weeks in the summer, it was always my favorite place to go with my family.

Catherine, what’s your favorite memory of Olivia’s childhood?

There are too many to pick a favorite.

If you could plan a girls’ trip together, where would you go and why?

Newport Beach, California, it’s Olivia’s dream to move there one day.

The one goal you each hope to achieve in the next 3 years:

Catherine: Olivia graduate from Endicott as an RN, my other daughter, Julia, graduate from Wilmington HS and go on to play lacrosse in college.  My son, Joey, graduate from Wilmington HS and go on to at least play club hockey in college.

Olivia: Graduate and officially become an RN

Catherine, you successfully survived Olivia’s teenage years.  Congrats! What’s the best piece of advice you can give to other moms facing the terrible twos teenage years?  

Olivia is a different kid.  I could have told her for the next three hours you are going to sit on the floor, indian style, facing the wall and she would have done it.  She has always kind of done the right thing and what was asked of her. I have boy/girl twins that are 16 going to be 17 in June and they are really testing the teenage years.  Olivia set the bar high because she has always been an easy child & teenager so I can honestly say I kind of stink at it. Learning as I go along. I am trying NOT to be the helicopter mom but it’s hard.  They are going to make mistakes and bad choices but this is how they learn. Learning makes them grow. Be patient, always listen and don’t judge.

Olivia, be honest, is your mom always right?

Yes, honestly most of the time she is right, even though I don’t always want her to be

You two are always working out together.  Tell us, who gets to choose the class schedule?  

Honestly Olivia usually chooses and I tag along.

If you could design your very own workout together what would it include?

Both of us would probably include boxing, battle ropes, and spinning.

What is your favorite memory at Fit Revolution?

Catherine:   I was nervous and overwhelmed walking into fit rev for the first time.  I took Toni’s boxing class on a Monday during the summer and everyone was so welcoming.  There was no judgement. I remember leaving there feeling great because of the workout Toni taught.  It’s not just a gym; it’s a second home to lots of members.

Olivia: My first class. I remember I thought it was the best thing I had ever done and joined immediately.  The sense of community here is great and there is no judgment whatsoever. I had never gone to a gym that had a group setting in classes like this before so I tried something new and ended up loving it.

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