FitRev’s May Member of the Month – Mark McEwen!

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We are excited to announce May’s Member of the Month, Mark McEwen! Mark is always so helpful, positive and you can always count on him to walk into FitRev at 5am with a smile. His positive energy is contagious and it feels like Mark has been with us since the doors opened. Not to mention how he makes the stair master look easy every morning when he “warms up” for class. Mark, we love having you & your beautiful wife, Jill, part of our FitRev family! Thank you for all that you do for FitRev!

Check out Mark’s Q&A’s below & how is favorite recipe includes tequila! 

When you’re not at FR or at work, where can we find you?  Probably a rink, field, gym or kids birthday party…that seems to dominate the social life.


What’s your favorite post-workout snack/meal?   Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Iced Coffee


Who or what keeps you motivated?   Jill and the kids.


Any mantra you repeat during an especially grueling workout?  I try to take one buzzer, song or circuit at a time…and then tell myself you can do anything for 45 seconds, 3 minutes or 10-12 minutes.


Which superpower would you like to have?  No question…flying, so I could avoid all traffic.


Who has inspired you in your life and why?  While I didn’t realize it until later, my mother has inspired me more than anyone else.  She was a single mother of 2 and really sacrificed everything in order to give me and my sister and everything we had growing up.


What do you want to be when you grow up?  A bar owner.


If you had the luxury of time to re-read one book, which one would you choose?  Freakonomics


If you could live anywhere for one year where would you live?  Hawaii, but only if all family and friends were joining us.


If you could have witnessed one event in person, what would you want to have seen?  The 1980 miracle on ice.


If you could be any age for one week, what age would you choose?  30, but only if Jill could time travel with me.


What are your favorite and least favorite words?  Least – Quit; Favorite – Hope


What is your biggest pet peeve?  Being late..


Have you ever had a nickname?  Yes, many  What is it?  The only one that has stood the test of time is Marky


If you had a warning label on you, what would it say?  Warning:  Unusually Chipper at 5am.


Starbucks or Dunkin?  Starbucks


What’s one thing you will never do again?  Lease a car and go over the mileage in year one…


If I had one more hour in the day, I would grab a drink with Jill.


What’s one thing about you someone wouldn’t know unless they really knew you?  I have a crazy phobia of anyone being near my belly button.  It’s very strange, but pp who know me can attest.


If you could design your very own workout what would it include?  Ball slams, burpees….and really anything other than Thrusters.


How is FitRev different than other gyms you’ve tried?  Fit-Rev is quite a bit different than anything I have tried. The diversity of options available is great, but it’s really the people you meet and the competitive nature of the workouts that I love.  At previous gyms, I just put on my headphones and did my own thing for an hour.  There was nobody pushing me to do more, go faster or even come back for that matter.


Could you share with us a favorite meal or recipe that we could share with the rest of the FitRev community?  My favorite meal is pasta with Jill’s gravy…I have no clue of the exact ingredients the exception of tons of peperoni which usually makes its way out while heating on stove.  My favorite recipe is a margarita:  2 oz hornitos tequila, 1 oz patron orange, 1 oz patron lime, 1 oz Nellie & Joe key west lime juice, agave nectar – shake, serve on rocks (no salt).  Add 1 oz gran marnier floater.



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