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This week we shine the spotlight on instructor Lyndsay. For anyone that has been lucky enough to take one of Lyndsay’s classes, you know she’s in her happy place when she’s teaching. Lyndsay rocks her classes and gives workouts that are super fun and intensely challenging. Who hasn’t been sore after Lynsday’s class when she incorporates gorilla walks? As Lyndsay says, “it’s a good sore!” We LOVE that Lyndsay joined FitRev in 2016!


Check out Lyndsay’s fun facts below!Lyndsay


  • I was a figure skater up until high school.  Now I hate the cold and if it wasn’t for family and friends – I would live Florida!
  •  Aside from being in love with fitness, I have a huge love for animals especially dogs. I have a small dog named Duncan who is the other love of my life.
  •  In addition to being a group instructor, I’m also a Registered Dental Hygienist. I guess you can say I like inflicting pain on people 🙂
  •  I cannot be trusted with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos! They are my absolute weakness!
  •  I have been married for 10 years today!
  •  I started off as a member first at Fit Revolution and it inspired me to follow my dream of being an instructor.  Michelle created a supportive environment and encouraged me to follow my dream.  I would see pictures on Facebook of people flipping tires and tackling battle ropes.  I was really intimidated but I decided to try it.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere that is Fit Revolution.  It’s truly a place where people just want to work out and crush goals with no drama or frills. – We love you, Lyndsay!

Lyndsay added an extra fun fact, but I think FitRev is already aware of how much she loves working legs and glutes in class (ouch)!

  • I love working legs and glutes but my shoulders and back are my weakest areas. I am always trying to improve strength in these areas.


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