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Last Spring we decided it was time to spotlight our FitRev Instructors. These incredible coaches put  their time and effort in making each class challenging, unique and fun. Where would FitRev be without them? So, we asked all coaches to send us a “fun” photo and five facts that members of FitRev probably didn’t know about them. We learned some interesting facts – did you know Lisa worked at McDonald’s in High School? Or Michelle admitted she was a complete meatball growing up?! (We are still waiting for proof of that.) And then there’s Joel who balanced on a stability ball for his instructor photo. No big deal.

Our team keAlyce3eps growing, and now we are so excited to share Alice’s story! Alice is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. Prior to relocating to the Northeast, Alice spent the last 5 years training clients and athletes at Nike Sports Center in Oregon teaching: Bootcamp, High Intensity Interval Training, Shockwave, Yoga, Nike Training Club, Strength Conditioning and Barefoot Conditioning.

For anyone that has been lucky enough to workout with Alice you know how dedicated she is to her clients. Alice’s energy is absolutely palpable. She ends her classes in a circle, hands in and yelling “go team!” Love this. Here at FitRev, you truly feel like you are part of a team, and we are SO lucky to have Alice on ours!

Check out ALICE’S FIVE FUN FACTS below:

  • I had an undiagnosed mild scoliosis which became more painful after my second pregnancy. Then I started taking yoga, and it helped so much. I decided the only way to stay ahead is to keep my body moving. That is how I became a fitness trainer.
  • I stopped growing in height when I was 12 at 5’2″tall.  I wanted to be short like everybody else in 6th grade. I was granted myAlyce1 wish many years later. I’m almost always the shortest now.
  • I met my husband in Jakarta, Indonesia on a pseudo-blind date set up by a mutual friend. Michael and I have been married for 14 years.
  • Everyone in my family was born in a different country. I was born in Indonesia, Michael was born in the USA, Eden our daughter was born in Taiwan, and Noah our son was born in Korea.
  • I like my workouts and my liquor HARD – whiskey / tequila/ vodka on the rocks or straight up.


We love you, Alice! Thanks for joining FitRev! Alyce

Train Smart, Honor your Limits, Fuel Smart and see your body Evolve.

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