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This week we shine the spotlight on FitRev instructor, Kara! In 2014 we were fortunate enough that Kara made the move from the South Shore to the North Shore. With her love for sports, she quickly fell in love with spinning, as she loved the way it shaped her body and soul. What we love the most about our FitRev instructors is their passion, and Kara continues to further her passion at FitRev. If you have been lucky enough to take one of Kara’s Fit Ride classes, you know her classes bring an unbeatable energy, motivating playlists, and a challenging routine! If you haven’t taken her class yet, what are you waiting for?! Thanks for joining FitRev, Kara! We love you! Xo


Check out Kara’s fun facts below!

  • As a child I was a tomboy, and loved it! I loved playing all sports and you could always find me outside playing. When I tell my kids I used to love playing outside all day, they stare at me with pity that I didn’t grow up with an Ipad.  Their loss. 🙂kara


  • I have a HUGE fear of reptiles. So, what did my husband do?! He recently bought a lizard for our kids without consulting me! He’s still in trouble.


  • My parents forced me to apply to an all girls high school. I threatened to fail the entrance exam, but I guess everything happens for a reason because I LOVED it!!


  • I always had a love for fitness. It’s funny because where I discovered my passion for spin (aka Fit Ride) was at FitRev! I even started dragging my friends to the 5am classes. I was hooked and got certified months later!!


  • I have a serious addiction to caffeine and not afraid to admit it. I drink my body weight in coffee on a daily basis. I never discriminate between Dunks or Starbucks. I’m a frequent flyer at both!


Sign up for one of Kara’s classes today!

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