FitRev Instructor Spotlight – Nichole Simbeck!

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This week we turn the spotlight to one of our originals who has (finally) returned to FitRev, Nichole Simbeck!

Back in 2013, Nichole not only completed Insanity training with us, but also helped launch our Insanity class! Returning to the Fit Revolution team, Nichole brings with her enthusiasm, energy, and whole health awareness. Nichole is back and better than ever. We are so excited as our FitRev Team keeps growing stronger! Welcome back, girlfriend!

Insanity Training!

FitRev Insanity Launch 2013!

Did you know Nichole competed in two Fitness America Competitions? Talk about bad@ss. Check out Nichole’s fun facts below!

  • My love of fitness all started at the YMCA when I was 14 years old! I never REALLY got into sports as a teen. I didn’t play for any high school teams, but I got my first gym membership my freshman year and fell in love with the iron! The body has always fascinated me. When I graduated, I wanted to pursue a Personal Training career but my mom encouraged me to get my degree first.


  • I graduated from Salem State University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. After college, I started working for a small, startup engineering firm and I’ve been there ever since! When I was on-boarded I was employee number 28 and now we are up to over 160 employees and have 3 different office locations! I am currently the Facilities Coordinator and would like to grow into a Facilities Management position in the next few years.


  • I’ve competed in two Fitness America Competitions. I competed in the Bikini Tall category and I was soooooo nervous to get on stage! The first competition, when they called my name to get on stage I could FEEL my legs shaking. The second show went much better, and I took FIRST PLACE in my category! Competing is one of scariest things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most empowering. Getting on stage requires a lot of confidence and it was certainly a life changing experience. Also, prepping for the shows is one of the hardest things I’ve ever put myself through. The mental and physically drive and determination you need to get yourself ready is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! I’m considering doing another show at some point in the future, I’m just not quite sure when that will be.

Beautiful inside & out!

  • I have a niece and a nephew (who are also my godchildren), that I love more than anything! When they were born it changed my whole world. Being an auntie is the greatest gift and I’m thankful to be able to spoil them rotten and shower them with love.
  • I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I love cookies, brownies, and ice cream….and just about anything chocolate. I would much rather eat my calories than drink them, so I’ll always pass on a weekend of cocktails if that means I can sneak in a sweet treat instead. YUM.


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