Welcome to Fit Rev’s 50 Class Club, Chris Gervasi!

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We are so excited to welcome Chris Gervasi to Fit Revolution’s 50 Class Club! We love celebrating member milestones and learning their “why” in what makes them coming back for more. Fit Revolution MarketStreet was opened in February 2018 and these members have grown with us and our studio. Chris always shows up to class with extra energy and is always up for anything! We love him for that!

Check out Chris’ top five reasons why he works out, his five favorite things about Fit Rev, and more below. 

  • My top 5 motivating workout songs
    • Kendrick Lamar – Humble
    • Anything bass heavy, usually hip hop
  • The top 5 reasons why I workout
    • live longer
    • overall health and happiness
    • stress relief
    • so i dont feel guilty when i drink beer and eat bad food
    • so i can kind of keep up with my better 1/3
  • The top 5 excuses that never keep me from working out
    • knee pain
    • quad pain
    • calf pain
    • foot pain
    • shoulder pain
  • 5 favorite things about Fit Revolution
    • Diverse classes and instructors
    • Schedule (5:15am, get it done early)
    • I really like the people.  All fitness levels, all crushing it.  They keep me motivated.
    • Zero judgement
    • Instructors are helpful/friendly/encouraging
  • 5 surprising facts you would never guess about me
    • I was 300+ pounds about 6 years ago. I couldn’t run, couldn’t do 5 push ups, and I couldn’t walk lake Quannapowitt without pain.
    • I’m a wicked math nerd.

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