Meet the Instructor: Brianna Kiley

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Meet the Instructor

FitRev Instructor Brianna reveals her first FitRev experience, her favorite song, & more. 

Instructor Spotlight: Brianna Kiley

Hometown: Reading

Where and when to to find her: Lynnfield on Tuesdays, 6:30PM – Fit Beat and Thursday, 5:15AM – Fit Beat

When/How did you fall in love with spin?

Almost 8 years ago in my first spin class taught by Michelle

What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

P.Y.T by Michael Jackson

Something that would surprise us about you?
I love cleaning teeth! (I am a hygienist)

Post-workout go-to food

Any type of protien! RX bar, Protein shake, chicken, steak!

First Fit Rev experience?

Spinning in the original spin room at the front of Ram’s athletic complex

Go-to Fit Rev class (other than yours, of course!)

Michelle’s Fit Ride!

Want to ride with Brianna? Book your bike here.

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