FitRev’s July Member of the Month – Beth McGuire

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We are SO excited to crown Beth McGuire as FitRev’s newest Member of the Month.  If you’ve had the pleasure of working out with Beth, you know she’s SUPER motivated, and we are in awe of her commitment to staying healthy and strong.  Read below what keeps Beth going. (Spoiler Alert: She runs on Dunkin.)


FitRev’s Q&A with Beth McGuire

When you’re not at FR or at work, where can we find you?     Running!

What’s your favorite post-workout snack/meal?     Shakeology — Chocolate with Peanut Butter and Banana.

Who or what keeps you motivated?      All of the great instructors at FitRev and Nancy Lively, of course!

Any mantra you repeat during an especially grueling workout?     Suck it up, buttercup! 

Which superpower would you like to have?     I think I would like to be able to fly like Superman. 

Who has inspired you in your life and why?    Michelle O’Connor has inspired me to work out in a wonderful atmosphere without drama.    Nancy Lively inspires me to run better every day.

What do you want to be when you grow up?    Well since I have not grown up by now, it’s probably not going to happen but I would love to be a Vet.

If you had the luxury of time to re-read one book, which one would you choose?  The Stand by Stephen King.  Did not even have to think hard about this question!!

If you could live anywhere for one year where would you live?    San Diego

What is your biggest pet peeve?    People driving slow in the left lane!!

Have you ever had a nickname?  What is it?  Nope.

If you had a warning label on you, what would it say?    No talking to me until I’ve had coffee!

Starbucks or Dunkin?    Dunks for hot.  Perfecto’s for iced.  Half Vanilla-Hazelnut Half Coconut Ice Coffee rocks.

What’s one thing you will never do again?   Run a half marathon in Yellowstone!

If I had one more hour in the day, I would… stretch.

What’s one thing about you someone wouldn’t know unless they really knew you?   I can’t sing so I blast the radio and sing along while driving alone.

What’s your favorite summertime drink?  I should be drinking Vodka and Soda but White Wine Sangria!!

If you could create your very own workout what would it include?  Running and squats.  I love squats!

What’s your favorite memory at FitRev?  I have so many great memories but I really think that the support I got in January when Bob passed from all of the members of FitRev including many whom I did not know well.  It was wonderful. 

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