FitRev’s February Couple of the Month – Coralee & Don Craig!

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February is the month of love at FitRev! We reached out to our members asking them to vote for their favorite couple. We received SO many votes for all the amazing couples at FitRev, but this year it came down to one incredible husband and wife, Coralee and Don Craig!

We were so excited to finally announce FitRev’s couple of the month. Not only do they get that prime parking spot, they’ll receive a date night to the movies package on us!

The Craig’s even received this special surprise at their doorstep! Don & Coralee bring so much happiness to all of us at FitRev. They are positive and motivated day after day. We are so thankful to have these two lovebirds in our lives. Enjoy a date night on us and don’t let anyone (Michelle) steal your spot!


Need more of this amazing couple?! Read below to read Q&A with the Craig’s.

 First, we need a little background. Where did you two meet? How long have you been married?  

Coralee: I always like to shock people by telling them that we met in a bar!  Don was the guest speaker at a conference that was organized by my roommate’s boyfriend.  That night they had an event at a bar and she wanted me there for moral support.

Don:  I scouted out the cute girl.  We just talked for the night, laughed and hit it off.   And…then she left.  No number, nothing.

Coralee:  Don’t worry, I regretted it after!  Thankfully, from Day 1,  Don has always looked after me and he got his number to me through my roommate.  The rest is history…

It’s couples night at Karaoke. What do you two sing? 

Coralee: Uh, we don’t sing.  We would just sit and enviously watch those who can sing and critique the ones who can’t!  Which is why we don’t sing!

Don: I would be wanting to do karaoke guitar.  But if Coralee had her way I would be belting out some Keith Urban tunes.

Who falls asleep first? 

Don:  hahaha…uh Coralee!  She says she is like a doll whose eyes close when it gets horizontal.

If you were a tv/cartoon/celebrity couple, which one would you be?  

Coralee:  Cinderella and Prince Charming.  Because he’s my Prince Charming, my life is WAY better with him in it.  And, Don treats me like a Princess…but my kids treat me like a maid!

Don, what’s your favorite thing about Coralee? 

Don:  She is genuine, always honest (sometimes too much) and is always trying to do the right thing, even when others don’t.  Oh and the hair!

Coralee, what’s your favorite things about Don?

Coralee:  I have so many!  As everyone knows, he’s hard to compete with!  He is definitely the overachiever that you all think he is.  He is successful at everything he does – it is kind of intimidating!  He is so thoughtful and is always looking for ways to make our lives better.  I also love his sense of humor.  He makes me laugh everyday.

Any pet names we should know about? (We promise not to call you these at FR. Fingers crossed.) 

Don:  We don’t really have any pet names for each other, but our pet’s name is Tucker!

Every relationship has bloopers. What’s your favorite funny story? 

Coralee: The night of our engagement my family tried to ditch Don shortly after he proposed!  We were on a houseboat trying to secure the boat for the night and my dad LEFT DON STRANDED ON AN ISLAND!!  He seriously just left him there on shore and said Don would figure it out and find us further down the the shoreline!  WTF???

Don:  I’m now watching as the boat glides off down the lake!  In the dark! With nothing! I spent the next 25 or so minutes treading through water, bush and rocks to try and follow the boat lights.  In the end, despite their attempt to lose the new guy, I shockingly managed to find them.  I still get nervous if I’m on a boat with my father in law!

Coralee:  I am so glad Don didn’t take it personally and decide to ditch ME after that!

Give 3 words to describe your spouse. 

Don: She is sexy, spiritual and kind-hearted.

Coralee:  SOOO good looking, hardworking and thoughtful

What’s your song? (We’d like to play it ALL MONTH LONG.) 

Coralee: A random Keith Urban song would work for me!  I will leave it to Lisa to handle that.

Don:  Anything by Journey! How about some Don’t Stop Believin’?

Thank you for making FitRev the third wheel in your marriage. How has staying fit and active affected your marriage?  

Don:  Coralee thinks I work out at Fit Rev to keep her interested.

Coralee: Yes, thank you, Don.  We have worked out together since we were dating.  We did Body Pump and spin together in Calgary.  Monday nights were date nights! The gym and then Earls for margaritas and burgers.

Don:  I used to have horrible eating habits.  People are shocked at my 30-year Slurpee-a-day habit that I had before moving to Boston. White texas toast, Eggo waffles, Sugar Corn Pops… I’ve learned from being around healthy people (like Coralee and anyone at Fit-Rev) that exercise and healthy eating helps me be a better person. But also to set a better model for our girls.

What’s your favorite thing about FitRev? (answer individually) 

Don:  I’m not the only dude in a class!  I always enjoy going to the gym, the instructors and class styles are awesome! I never would have thought I would voluntarily get up in the middle of the night to go work out with 30 other people! And that has helped motivate me to accomplish things outside of the gym, like running.


Personalized service.  I’ve belonged to a gym since I was 18 years old but never have I been at one where the owner gets to know each client and actually cares about them. Michelle  always tries to change things up and keep people excited.   What other gym does Member/Couple of the month and all the members get so excited about it???

The members.  FitRev is really like a family.  I have met so many amazing people and developed many meaningful friendships.  Some days I don’t feel like working out, but then I get there and I am greeted by so many genuine, smiling faces and it all makes it worth it.  A big part of my life would be missing if I ever stopped going to to FitRev.

Do you have a favorite FitRev memory? (answer individually) 

Coralee:  Julie Brady’s inability to hear music and not start dancing.

Don:  I just can never figure out where Penny and Geri’s rooms at the gym are because I am convinced they MUST live there!

Congrats you two! We love you!

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