FitRev Instructor Spotlight – Katie Roy!

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We are excited to turn the spotlight to one of our Yogi’s, Katie Roy!

Katie has taught us how to breathe deep, stretch and what it means to hold a three-legged downward facing dog. After years of cheerleading and gymnastics, Katie found an interest in Yoga. Lucky for us, she came to FitRev to help us work on flexibility and strength while challenging our bodies in ways we aren’t used to. Katie took her teacher training in 2011 and has been teaching Yoga ever since! She loves to see her class make each pose their own and find a modification that works for them. We are so grateful to have Katie join our amazing FitRev team!

You can catch Katie on Thursdays, 7:15pm. Get to know Katie more by reading a few fun facts below!

  • I coach high school cheerleading.  I love coaching and working with my kids.  I am also SO competitive and this is my competitive outlet.  There is nothing like watching my team perform and see the pride them have in themselves when they succeed.

  • I have a B.S. in Environmental Science and a Masters in Natural Resources.  I was a wetland scientist for almost 10 years, before leaving to teach high school biology and then became a stay at home mom.  I started teaching fitness classes about 6 years ago when a friend insisted that I would make an excellent instructor.


  • I started Yoga as a way to keep fit and challenge myself after years of cheerleading and gymnastics.  If there was a way to keep cheerleading at this age I totally would 🙂  I occasionally go to gymnastics classes just for fun!

  • I am addicted to ice cream, specifically Ben and Jerry’s, Milk and Cookies is my favorite.  I am pretty sure I keep them in business.


  • I have two young girls who keep me very busy.  Between swim and gymnastics we are always on the go but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have a hard time just staying in the house, we are always doing something.  Summer is always my favorite because with the nice weather there is always somewhere new to explore.

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