Fit Rev’s Winter Warm-up Challenge: #FRWinterWarmup

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I invite you all to take part in the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge! This challenge consists of four FREE weeks of healthy fitness motivation via social media, and PRIZES! FRWinterChallenge

How do I join the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge?

Join our private Facebook group:

#FRWinterWarmup Facebook Group

What is the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge about?

Let’s use this challenge to not only keep our minds off the cold​- can we NOT have a repeat of Juno this winter?! This challenge is about motivating each other, fun, and stepping outside of your comfort zone, while supporting others to do the same.


What isn’t the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge about?

This challenge is NOT a competition or comparing yourself to others.

When will the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge take place?

The challenge will run from Monday 2/1  through Monday 2/29.

How will the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge be communicated?

The weekly Fit Revolution e-mail sent out on Monday morning. This will remind everyone to check our Fit Rev blog and/or the private Facebook group where the weekly challenges will be posted! The challenges will include a variety of workouts, fun activities, and more.

How will the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge participation be tracked?

All check-ins will be done on your social media outlet of choice (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), or all! Be creative as you’d like (pictures, check-ins, encourage each other, etc).

What should the  Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge check ins include?

For your social media check ins, please tag Fit Revolution in your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram check ins. Please always use #‎FRWinterWarmup. This is a hashtag unique to this challenge, and it’s how I will be able to keep track of you guys! I recommend following Fit Rev on each of these outlets to make it easier come challenge time:


How do the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge prizes work?

Every week there will be a weekly winner and a prize! Winners will be picked based on social media engagement. Don’t worry about being spot on with completing all the challenges, but be encouraging and try your best when checking in to #FRWinterWarmup. You can even post on all 3 social media outlets on one day = 3 points.

Remember! How do I join the Fit Rev Winter Warm-up Challenge?

Join our private Facebook group:

Have fun with this!!! 

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