Fit Rev’s February Couple of the Month – Ken & Nancy

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Fit Rev is excited to announce there isn’t just one member of the month for February that we are giving all those bragging rights and sweet parking spot to. February we will have two members of the month – two of which are great friends to everyone inside and outside Fit Rev. February’s Couple of the Month, Ken and Nancy!

Ken and Nancy




1.First, we need a little background.  Where did you two meet?  How long have you been married?  We met in Rocky Hill, CT (ken’s home town) – Married 20 years last September!


2.  It’s couples night at Karaoke.  What do you two sing?  Sugar by Maroon 5


3. Who falls asleep first?  Definitely Nancy, but she also gets up first by HOURS


4. If you were a celebrity couple, which one would you be?  David and Victoria Beckham


5. Ken, what’s your favorite thing about Nancy?  Her passion for everything she does


6. Nancy, what’s your favorite things about Ken?  His unwavering dedication to helping family and friends


7. Any pet names we should know about?  (We promise not to call you these at FR.  Fingers crossed.)  Sweet P and Shit Magnet (but can you publish that???)  new one may be “fireball”….hmm!


8. Every relationship has bloopers.  What’s your favorite funny story?  Nothing extra funny here, but he did propose to me by having a pilot ask the question over the public address system of the plane on a flight to Germany when we were going to visit friends….kind of fun.


9. Give 3 words to describe your spouse. 

Ken about Nancy:  Smart, Feisty, Passionate

Nancy about Ken: Patient, Wise-A and Awesome


10. What’s your song?  (We’d like to play it ALL MONTH LONG.) 

Nancy : Pour Some Sugar on Me (def leppard),

Ken: You Shook Me all Night Long (AC/DC)


11. Thank you for making FitRev the third wheel in your marriage.  How has staying fit and active affected your marriage?  We have met some amazing friends through our fitness activities, and also enjoy some healthy competition with each other in class!


12. What’s your favorite thing about FitRev?  (answer individually) 

Nancy:  So many amazing instructors and class options I have a hard time picking what to take each day!

Ken : Being the only guy in a class of 30 women……!


13. Do you have a favorite FitRev memory?  (answer individually) 

Nancy : Watching Ken take spin during one of the fundraisers and when the instructor said “make a turn to the right” referencing the tension knob Ken tried to turn the handlebars……

Ken : Running away from killer wasps in the parking lot (didn’t I tell you he was a wise A**??)

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  • Jenna

    I absolutely love this and love them both !

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