February Couple of the Month: Shital & Mark Whitmore

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It’s February, and love is in the air at Fit Revolution!  All month long we’re celebrating one of our favorite Fit Couples, Shital & Mark Whitmore.  We love how they keep each other motivated and enjoy their “alone” time with us and around 40 other dedicated Rev’ers each morning at 5:15am.  We sat down with Shital and Mark and got to know this sweet couple a little better.  Check it out!

First, we need a little background…

Where did you two meet?  We met at Bentley University.  

Where did you go on your first date? Probably the Bentley Upper Cafe 🙂 (Sounds hot!)

Was it love at first sight? Nope… I had to test the waters, but it was for Mark 😉 (Obviously.)

It’s couples night at Karaoke.  What do you two sing? We do not sing… We drink and enjoy the amusement??? (Waiter, we’ll take a round of Tito’s.)

What’s one piece of marital advice you would like to share with all the future couples-of-the-month? Remember that you’re building a life together, and you’re a team. Before all the stress that comes with kids, work, homeownership, etc., it was the two of you, and after the kids grow and you retire, it’ll be down to the two of you again.

Shital, what’s your favorite thing about Mark?  His big heart!

Mark, what’s your favorite things about Shital? The way she sets goals and does whatever it takes to reach them. (Fierce!)

Any pet names or nicknames we should know about?  (We promise not to call you these at FR. Fingers crossed.)  Only on our phones – Mark is labeled as “Schmoopie Sexy Pants” in my phone (his doing, not mine), and I’m “Wife Piece” in his. (God, please let one of them forget a phone at the studio.  We need to see this.)

Every relationship has bloopers.  What’s your favorite funny story? When I (Mark) proposed to her, I was real nervous…I must have kept it brief because instead of crying or saying “yes” right away, her first response was “WHERE’S MY SPEECH!?”

Give 3 words to describe your spouse:

Mark says about Shital:  Driven, Smart, Thoughtful

Shital says about Mark:  Funny, Kind, Strong 

What’s your song?  (We’d like to play it ALL MONTH LONG.)  Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Thank you for making FitRev the third wheel in your relationship.  How has staying fit and active affected your relationship?

FitRev is our “Alone” time… WE LOVE IT!!  We keep each other going and motivated to make it in the morning at 5:15 AM.  We actually haven’t stuck to a gym membership for 2 years straight ever in the 18 years we have been together!  We (especially me, Shital) are starting to do more active outdoors activities on the weekends, which is sooo much fun!  

What’s your favorite thing about FitRev?

Shital:  I LOVE the team workouts, love the people, LOVE the community feel, love that you are not judged, and I LOVE that a female entrepreneur has created this very successful establishment.  

Mark: Same as Shital, and I’ll add that all of the instructors are fantastic at engaging everyone and are so approachable.


Do you have a favorite FitRev memory?

Shital:  There was a strength class that caused me not to be able to literally sit on my butt for about 3-4 days!!!

Mark:   I think it was my first FitCross class where I started seeing stars and feeling nauseous. I had to step outside to get some air – Michelle came to check on me, which I thought was nice, but it also helped me realize just how out of shape I was! (For the record, Michelle would’ve caught you!)


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