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The Studio @ Fit Revolution

Introducing THE STUDIO @ Fit Revolution: Where Fitness Gets Fired Up!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the grand opening of THE STUDIO @ Fit Revolution – the latest addition to our fitness family that’s about to revolutionize the way you work out! Located in the cozy corner of our North Reading facility, THE STUDIO is the ultimate destination for those who crave invigorating fitness experiences.

What sets us apart, you ask? It’s simple: we turn up the thermostat to maximize your results. By elevating the room temperature, we’re not just cranking up the heat; we’re supercharging your metabolism and setting the stage for a fitness journey like no other.

In THE STUDIO, every move becomes more powerful, every stretch reaches new depths, and every drop of sweat is a badge of your unwavering commitment. It’s a sanctuary where you’ll achieve more in less time, shatter your own limits, and unlock your full potential.

What’s happening at THE STUDIO? 

Inferno Hot Pilates: Feel the burn, sculpt your body, and enhance your core strength. IHP is a low-impact, high-intensity, interval-training class based on Pilates principles. IHP is kind on the joints, and every exercise we do includes the core, so get ready for some serious stomach muscle, glute, and pelvic floor activation.

Inferno Sculpt: Ignite your fitness journey with this sweat-inducing, results-oriented strength class. This workout builds lean muscle and scorches calories as you perform strength-training exercises and cardio drills in a heated room.  

Hot Yoga: Experience the meditative benefits of yoga while breaking a serious sweat. Hot Yoga is a dynamic style performed in a heated room designed to increase flexibility and burn calories.

More Class Options Coming Soon: Stay tuned for exciting new offerings!

So, are you ready for a workout like no other? Come and join us at THE STUDIO, where you’ll sweat and stretch and shine – quite literally – like never before. Your fitness journey is about to get hotter.

See you at THE STUDIO @ Fit Revolution! ✨

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