Strength & Fitness @ Fit Revolution North Reading

YOUTH PROGRAM (Grades 3-5):

Cost: Intro: $15, 1 class: $18, 10 classes: $159*


  • Take a break from screen time
  • Improved physical fitness, coordination, speed & agility and self-discipline
  • Enhanced athleticism & confidence
  • Healthy activity in a safe environment

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 6-8):

Cost: Intro: $18, 1 class: $24, 6 classes: $135, 12 classes: $240, 24 classes: $449


  • Optimize students’ potential for performance
  • Establish proper weight lifting form and functional exercise mechanics
  • Improve speed, agility, explosiveness, and quickness while building endurance


Cost:  Intro: $18, 1 class: $24, 6 classes: $135, 12 classes: $240, 24 classes: $449


  • Utilize training methods for sequential maximal effort, as well as strength and speed work to optimize power output
  • Implement specific training stimuli like volume, general physical preparedness, hypertrophy and strength volume
  • Speed training: acceleration, deceleration and agility drills to focus on athlete’s proficiency of 1st step quickness, change of direction and sporting awareness
  • Improve reaction time and reactive ability
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Anaerobic and aerobic protocols to make sure athletes meet the demands of their sport


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