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Congrats to Chris Gervasi for being named FitRev’s March Member of the Month at MarketStreet! The FitRev squad collectively chose Chris for so many reasons, but just to name a few…

“He brings so much positive energy to every class!”

“Chris has as been a constant since day 1 of MKST.”

“Chris is an awesome guy all around!”

Chris is motivated, always up for a challenge and a huge team player. If you have been lucky enough to take a class with Chris then you are nodding your head in agreement when we say, he deserves to be celebrated all month long. Chris, thank you for being YOU and lighting up the room with positive vibes and F-U-N every time you walk through our doors. We can’t even imagine FitRev without Chris!

Read Chris’ Member of the Month Q&A below!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I always loved to write when I was kid, so a writer/journalist/columnist would have been cool.


Which superpower would you like to have?  

Teleport, to avoid traffic


What are you known for?

Happy, extroverted, charitable


If you could live anywhere for one year where would you live?



What were you like in high school?

I was a chameleon.  Fit in with every clique which helped in developing a diverse set of friendships


Truth or dare?



Never have I ever…

Late cancelled a class at FitRev (.. said no one, ever. SO impressive!) 


If you could be any age for one week, what age would you be?



If you had a warning label on you, what would it be?

Don’t feed the animal (Okay, got it!) 


What’s one thing you will never do again?  

Take Fit Tread hungover (Work hard, play harder, right Chris?) 


What’s the one thing about you that surprises people?

I’m a city kid at heart.  I grew up in Dorchester, Cambridge, Brooklyn, and Anacostia DC.  The suburban life is so foreign to me.


If I had one more hour in the day, I would…

Hang with my better ⅓ Jen, 2 daughters (Giavanna and Sydney) and my dog (Phife Dawg)



Any mantra you repeat during an especially grueling workout?

Beast mode!


What’s your favorite FitRev memory?

I have a ton.  Early on, I ran into my cousin Lisa Lloyd at North Reading, and I was so impressed by her progress.  At Mkt St, when I saw Aly Curry had joined the team, I was psyched because I know how tough her classes are.


Why FitRev?

The simple formula is great classes, great schedule.  

The more complex answer is the human element.  The trainers do a tremendous job mixing it up and challenging me (JB Flow, Erin “Right Here Right Now”, Aly “don’t lose it”).  The other members are encouraging (even in silence). I literally see someone, perhaps older/younger, more fit / less fit, and I think to myself “they are crushing it, why don’t you try to crush it like they are”.  I am in awe of you people (especially the 5:15 am athletes, you are an inspiration). The charitable endeavors that Michelle has prioritized also resonate with me; I want to connect with “good” people helping others.

You are “good” people, Chris. We are lucky to have you as a motivator, member and friend!

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