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We all know him and love him – congrats to Jason for being named FitRev’s April Member of the Month in North Reading! We are so thankful you found us.  Always up for any challenge with a huge smile, but also swearing your way through it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep up all of your positive vibes because YOU are awesome and WE are lucky!

Jason’s Member of the Month Q&A below! 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Who ever really wants to grow up?  But when I do I want to be an amazing family member, a valued member of the community and wiser than I am today.

Which superpower would you like to have?  

That’s an easy one!  The power of elemental control – if you are able to control the weather, not much can get in your way!

What are you known for?

Good or bad, my friends, family and colleagues know me for my quick wit.  I have always been one that has been quick to think on my feet professionally and personally.  Who doesn’t like a little sarcasm in their day to day 🙂

If you could live anywhere for one year where would you live?

This is hard one!  The world is such a beautiful place.  However, Barcelona would be my top choice.  Barcelona provides that laid back lifestyle which allows you to pause for a moment and enjoy the experience.  I hate that rush and go, go, go lifestyle.

What were you like in high school?

Reserved!  I think I was still coming out of my shell!

Truth or dare?

Dare – always dare!

Never have I ever…


If you could be any age for one week, what age would you be?

28 – I think it’s one of those ages that you have it almost have it together, but still working out the pieces.

If you had a warning label on you, what would it be?

“I should come with a warning label”

What’s one thing you will never do again?  

Not be myself or not be true to myself.  It’s something that takes some time to actually figure out, but living in regret personally or professionally is no way to be!   Also, I would never take another tread class after a night out!

What’s the one thing about you that surprises people?

I am a hockey official.

Any mantra you repeat during an especially grueling workout?

Get it done! (sometimes said with a few unique other words) 🙂

What’s your favorite FitRev memory?

I have a ton of them!  I would have to say that taking my first class at marketstreet was one of my favorite memory.  I could never run on a treadmill – ever, but finishing that first class was the best thing I have done.

Why FitRev?

Community.  I have met some of the best people at FitRev.  Both members and instructors push you to always be better, work harder and enjoy the moment that you are in!

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